Inheritance Is Still The Problem Of Fuzhou Juban’s Selected Provincial Cultural Heritage

Inheritance Is Still The Problem Of Fuzhou Juban’s Selected Provincial Cultural Heritage

Fuzhou, the Fujian provincial government Juban’s become the first provincial-level intangible cultural heritage list of the news spread like wildfire, Juban’s this cultural heritage, and finally by all levels of government in the Golden Age of the attention and protection. However, deeply rooted in the “old Fuzhou” memories of 10 fan music, how to inherit Fuzhou intellectuals became the “heart.”

 Chen Ying Mu old artist has been over 7 late this year, and he died the same generation of artists mostly, Xia Yibei apprenticeship which is also not particularly outstanding. Juban’s most original style to be passed along from his hands, has become the old man could not understand the mind.

 Juban’s had recently been invited to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions shows that the ups and downs of the melody, wonderful music, the long march of progress, has won praise overseas Fuzhou, Fuzhou, to understand the massive Chinese culture accumulation.

 Juban’s what’s produced in which, now, not research. Reportedly, the Qing Emperor Qianlong 40 years, there is “Juban” tournament, played Fu, Lu, longevity, happiness and other tunes. During this period, it is already a very mature folk music, musical instruments, mainly flute, funny pipe, coconut Hu, gongs, wolf string, the size of gongs, cymbals size, clear drum and ten. Later added to the Sheng, wooden fish, etc..

 Full Juban civil interesting music, began as civilians were enjoying themselves around the small festival mood. It does not scores, totally relies on dozens of understanding between the players. Somehow, Qing Palace this “it was difficult to something presentable and acceptable” forms of music are very much appreciated, have special gifts title “Heming Dance” words. Since then, the band will be in Fuzhou, Juban, “Heming Dance” as the team name, open to the transmission in Fuzhou.

 In the “Juban” the birthplace of Fuzhou chating area, then still a lot of old grand gusto to bring. They said there Chating has to “listen on floor,” “visit to listen to on floor”, “Chin Yuet House,” “Crescent” and dozens of social classes, attendance in the thousands, and social class separate ways also competed Dalei. Music Club show staged during the stage, and the brightest class community drum gongs, dragon and tiger fight, in full swing; audience, people, emotions were running boiling marketplace, great joy, think of this lively scene, high-pitched melodious, smooth and bright tunes like still Fang Jian, never dispersed.

 Juban, music tunes, the capital of a certain content of each, describing a certain mood. “Peach will” is a cheerful birthday music, birthday, said the Queen Mother in heaven Assembly of Immortals Get birthday, man called Dong Fang shuo people, by nature-indulgent, not invited to the list, but to steal peaches, Queen Mother had invited him to an exception seated. A funny little incident, so that between host and guest happy. The tune then I do not know how many people to the birthday added to the scenery.

 Today, we are still able to enjoy the Spring Festival and other traditional festivals, to the wood represented by Chen Ying, Fuzhou Taijiang “Juban” live band performances, but as the music stops, only by means of modern high-tech audio and video recordings, etc. can not satisfy people’s most original Juban music appreciation.

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